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Vitens N.V.


Scope Hamburg GmbH (Scope) has downgraded the issuer rating of Vitens N.V. to A-/Stable from A+/under review due to changes in methodologies. Simultaneously, Scope Hamburg has assigned a S-1 short-term debt rating and a senior unsecured debt rating of A-.

Rating-Historie Notation/Outlook Ratingbericht
30.05.2022 A- / stabil
02.05.2022 A+ / under review for changes in methodologies
27.05.2021 A+ / stabil
11.06.2020 A+ / stabil
29.05.2019 A+ / stabil
29.05.2018 A+ / stabil
29.05.2017 A+ / stabil
12.12.2014 A+ / stabil